Compassion Fatigue eBook

I created this eBook for you to explore Compassion Fatigue and how you can cultivate more kindness and gentleness for yourself and the people around you in your life. There are different ideas, exercises, and tools to dig into within the eBook.

Compassion fatigue is an epidemic that is weaving its way across the world especially with women, caregivers, and people who are trying to keep everything together, and trying to make everything work well. I see you doing your absolute best, and I see your exhaustion. This book was written with you in mind so that you can cultivate practices in your life where you feel like you're thriving and not just barely surviving. You deserve goodness. This eBook is for you.

You will want to have a pen and journal handy as things come up, as you may want to jot them down afterward or reflect back on your experience. Most of all, bring an open heart and yourself as you read!